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Tree Removal Calgary

Pacifique Tree Care is locally owned and administered. We have over a decade of combined experience on Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Trimming in Calgary and surroundings. We have a passion for perfection, and we are committed to delivering Professional Tree Services including Landscaping, Stump Removal services, Cutting and even Damaged Trees. We serve the great communities of Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Banff, and the surrounding Southern Alberta area. Owner Pacifique Magapi is a Certified Arborist with many years of Professional Tree Care Experience. Looking for a Tree expert in the Calgary area? Let us know how we can help you today!

Calgary Pruning

Expert Pruning Services

Our certified arborist and owner Pacifique Mangapi wants to ensure your trees and shrubs continue vigorous and healthy while at the same time adding value and appeal to your Calgary property for years to come. Pacifique Tree Care Calgary provide service to residential, commercial and municipal clients. Delivering comprehensive tree Pruning and Trimming services with full clean-up afterward at very affordable prices. Our quick and helpful crew is available for 365 days!

For all your Tree Care needs, make sure to call the Calgary Tree Experts – CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

Residential Tree Pruning Services in Calgary and the Surrounding Area

Tree Care


Pruning Trees professionally is a hard job to do– By hiring the Tree experts at Pacifique Tree Care Calgary, you ensure an excellent job will be done!

Did you know that having well-trimmed trees and a good maintained yard can increase the value of your property by up to 20%? CALL US NOW!


Did You Know Why You Should Choose a Professional Arborist?

Arborists are specialists on trees, tree care, and growth. They examine and train to deliver the right tree maintenance for the tree’s general health and the surrounding conditions. Arborists provide essential tree services, such as tree pruning, removal, and planting.

The Tree Doctors in Calgary!

We offer comprehensive tree care from planting to emergency assistance. We also provide evaluations, maintenance, and cleanup packages to maintain the health of your trees.

Affordable Tree Services, Tree Trimming, and Stump Removal

Trees are a precious part of your view, our ecosystem, and removal or relocation demands to be considered as a last option. However, if a tree is a hazard or diseased and it is dying, it does require to be approached quickly to reduce the hazard and liability. The Pacifique Tree Care crew finds the best path to remove it carefully. When needed, a crane is used to ensure that the removal is performed accurately and efficiently.

Trimming and Pruning Services in Calgary and Surroundings.

Tree Trimming CalgaryThis is indeed where a certified arborist in Calgary can make a distinction. Tree Trimming and Pruning by inexperienced individuals can wreck the aesthetics, reduce the life of the tree or harm it past saving. Each tree has different requirements and needs specific procedures. We will guarantee that is done accurately and safely so that the tree can remain to add beauty, shade, and value to your home or property.

Top 5 Reasons to Trim and Prune your Trees

  1. Branches intervene with roofing, gutters and electrical wires.
  2. There could be blocking to walkways, patios, and streets.
  3. With the cold weather, branches get weak, diseased or crowded and could pose a danger.
  4. To shape and improve the look of the tree.
  5. Thinning to accommodate for more Sunlight in densely shaded areas., and streets during the summer months in Calgary.

Calgary Tree Trimming

Trees are a piece of art. When trees are part of a special landscape, they take on the role of  an “outdoor sculpture” that improves the attraction of your Calgary home and property. But like a sculpture, the trees themselves need an expert’s guidance and tools to make sure they grow to be as pretty and healthy as possible. Are you looking for a professional Pruning Service near you? We’vegot you covered!

Does Trimming a Tree Help its Growth?

Calgary Trimming ServicesWhen pruned correctly, removed tree branches will not grow back after. Rather, the tree will grow what seems like a callous over the pruning cut, which in return helps in the protection of the tree from rot and disease…And remember, because trees regenerate all on their own, you don’t need to apply a pruning sealer.

How Often Should You Trim your Calgary Trees?

The Suggested Pruning Schedule for your Calgary Trees:

  • We all know every tree matures at a different rate, this means trimming and Pruning time can vary. 
  • Commonly, Pruning is suggested every three to five years at least. 
  • Knowing the Alberta Weather predicaments is recommended to give your trees a well-deserved maintenance service every time after a storm or blizzard.

Could a Tree Die from Pruning?

Taking into consideration the fact that over pruned trees and shrubs do not habitually die if some part of the canopy still remains, the damage caused by over-pruning could be reasonably significant for your Calgary trees. So, although pruning may not kill your tree directly, over pruned trees and shrubs can die as a long term outcome of the correlated stress. Have questions? Pacifique Tree Care has the answer – Get in touch! 

Is Tree Pruning Necessary?

Overgrowth influences the health of your Calgary tree. Without Pruning or trimmingtrees can grow more vulnerable and will be less inclined to survive. 

Trimming for tree health is usually referred to as pruning, and it entails removing branches that look unhealthy or sick.

What Would Be The Best Time to Trim Trees?

Some say the best time to prune or trim your Calgary trees and shrubs is during winter and early fall while they go dormant. Pruning during this season is perfect because: 

  1. The wounds on the tree heal quicker, keeping the tree healthy and active. 
  2. Less risk of illness or pests.

How Much Money does Tree Pruning Services Cost in Calgary?

The Medium Tree Trimming Service Cost in Calgary is as follows:

  • The average tree trimming service will normally cost $80 to $350 per tree (depending on sizes).
  • For a medium-sized tree, you could be priced $150, in contrast to $250 plus, if the tree is sick, hazardous, or full of pests.
  • For large trees, (pines & oaks for example), expect to spend around $300 and $1,000 for each.

We recommend you call us and discuss a quote for your project.

Shrub Removal Calgary

Some Tree Services may be required immediately, or a long-term sustaining plan may be a great fit. When needed, we can also deliver targeted schedules for specific insect or disease directly.

Calgary Commercial Tree Service.

Pacifique Tree Care Service is the leader in Commercial Tree Services throughout the Calgary area. Whether you have areas of vegetation or a single tree in front of your commercial space, Pacifique Tree Care Services has the expertise and knowledge to make your retail space or business looking stunning.

Calgary Residential Tree Service.

Calgary Tree Care. Is critical whether it’s commercial or residential. The aspect of your trees and landscape is the face of your property. If you are looking for Tree Cutting Service in Calgary, look no further. Pacifique Tree Care is a highly respected Tree Company in Calgary, Airdrie, and other surroundings; our reputation speaks for itself.

Residential Tree Service is another significantly vital aspect of maintaining. Pacifique Tree Service has a reputation throughout the Calgary area for on time and professional residential tree service.

Pruning Trees in Calgary.

Tree pruning in Calgary is a vital element of taking care of a tree. Tree pruning is an intensive job that requires expertise. Pacifique Tree Care has the reputation and knowledge to prune your trees perfectly the first time and keep them growing beautiful.

Calgary Arborists.

Arborist Services in Calgary are on demand. We at Pacifique Tree Care are qualified in all types of arborist services including Complete tree Trimming, Stump Removal, Tree Relocation, and more.

Stump Removal CalgaryWe can assist you in design, install and restore your yard. Pacifique Tree Care can suggest solutions that meet your landscape inclinations, demands, and budget. Every project begins with solid planning and ends with a gorgeous yard that you can enjoy for years.

Are you starting from the dirt up? No problem! We can advise you to determine the best options for shade, turf and further. Renovations and upgrades can supplement enormous value to your home and property as well.

Our Landscaping Services
Tree Selection and Tree Planting
Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, and cleanup
Shrub and Hedge Shaping
Ground Prep.- Removal and Grading
Rock Beds and Walkways
Sod Foundation

Calgary, we also do Landscaping.

Lawn Installation in CalgaryLandscaping is what holds the face of your commercial and/or residential property or home looking fresh to the world. Whether it’s the trees being well-trimmed and vigorous, or the trees being well pruned, and taking care of or the shrubs, the bushes being well managed and thriving.

Winters can be harsh for your trees, and spring can arrive quick!  Click here to GET IN TOUCH