There’s always unique features to every spot on Earth, and Calgary is no exception. We hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, we have one of the largest libraries in Canada, and our own Glenbow Museum is also one of the largest in Western Canada. As marvelous as all of that is, we also have our very own assortment of tree diseases.

At Pacifique Tree Care, our team members have over a decade of combined experience in the tree service business. Part of the reason for our longevity is that we take the time to study up on the most common problems that bedevil our trees.

A few of them are:

  • Black Knot Fungus-We’ve seen an uptick in cases of this disease in the past few years. Infection takes place by airborne spores, and the disease gets its name from black growths or knots that appear on the branches. If not treated, the knots will eventually choke out the branch, which is fatal to the tree.
  • Bronze Leaf Disease-This disease is fungus-based and usually affects many Aspen and Poplar tree species. Symptoms begin appearing in mid-August, and you’ll recognize the presence of infection when the colour of the leaves changes to a red or reddish brown shade. If untreated, the disease will methodically spread throughout the tree and kill it within 5 years.
  • Fire Blight-This bacterial disease is seen in species like Mountain Ash, Crab Apple, Cotoneaster, Pear, and Hawthorn. The name comes from leaves gaining a dull red colour and curling at the tips. Fire blight can survive throughout winter and kill a tree in a just a few years.
  • Juniper-Hawthorn Rust-Like it sounds, this affliction targets shrubbery in the Hawthorn and Juniper families. Spots the colour of rust begin appearing on leaves. The good news is, this disease won’t kill shrubbery, it just reduces their aesthetic appeal.

These are just a few of the diseases our arborists and tree care professionals deal with. If you think your trees or bushes might be under the weather, contact us today for service. We can determine the most beneficial course of action—tree removal, fertilization treatment, tree trimming, etc.