When we talk about tree removal, let’s first clear something up. Many people think removing a tree is easy and, to a degree, they’re right. If the tree has fallen, it needs to be chopped up and hauled away. If it hasn’t fallen, the cutter needs to figure out which direction it can fall in without hitting someone or something. They’ll need to cut it down, then dispose of it. In both cases, however, the stump needs to be grinded down, and that’s where things can get tricky.

But first, maybe you’re wondering why you should bother to get rid of the stump in the first place? There are a few good reasons, the first being that they are serious eyesores. Most people don’t want their lawn to be marred by the sight of an old stump. Second, they take up valuable real estate, space that can be used to expand the lawn, garden, or something else. Third, stumps can be a hazard. Don’t believe us? Try stubbing your toe unexpectedly on a stump.

Making things more interesting, some stumps are easier to get rid of than others. For example, the stumps from deciduous trees are a lot tougher to grind than stumps from pine trees. That’s because pine tree stumps have roots that are wider, flatter, and don’t go terribly deep into the ground. Additionally, older stumps usually make stump grinding easier than younger stumps, and smaller stumps aren’t as tough to deal with as bigger stumps.

Stump grinding is one of the best ways to get rid of a stump, and Pacifique Tree Care has the tools and experience to take care of the problem. We can grind the stump, regardless of the size, age, or species of tree, and we can haul away the wood chips as well. For questions or to schedule our stump grinding services, contact us today!