Anyone who lives in Calgary knows how brutal our winters can get, as the snow starts to fall, ice forms on sidewalks, branches break, and cars take what seems like forever to warm up in the morning. Often, the constant snowfall and frigid temperatures can make snow clearing a pain, especially when you spend all morning clearing your drive with a snow blower and snow shovel, only to look outside an hour later and see it covered once again.

While it can be tempting to let the snow build up all day, this poses a danger to you and your loved ones as ice starts to form underneath, creating a slippery surface that will take days to melt away. It is especially dangerous to let snow pile up if your home or business shares a community sidewalk, because if someone were to slip and fall, they could press charges against you for not clearing your walk.

Snow Removal Services In Calgary

Keep your friends, family, and customers safe this winter by using our commercial and residential snow removal services at Pacifique Tree Care. Our team has the snow removal equipment to tackle any size drive, sidewalk, or parking lot. Here are the snow shoveling services we offer for residents and businesses in Calgary:

Sidewalk & Driveway Snow Removal

Removal of Mountain Piles

Ice Removal & Rock Salt Distribution

At Pacifique Tree Care, we are pleased to offer affordable snow removal prices at a fraction of the price you’d pay other snow removal companies or snow plow services in the area. In fact, for a limited time, we are offering a 15-percent discount on all of our services, from stump removal and tree pruning to snow clearing, ice management, and more. So don’t waste your time out in the cold or let the snow build up and pose a danger to yourself and others. Contact us today for professional snow clearing services in Calgary!