Trees aren’t just good at providing shade on a hot day. They enhance the beauty of any location and create an aura of elegance. We’re obviously big fans of trees, and maybe you are, too. If so, and if you want to keep your trees healthy and looking great, it’s critically important for them to be pruned correctly on a regular basis.

Proper tree pruning is a mixture of science and art. Performed incorrectly, irreparable damage can be done to the tree. But when pruning is done correctly, defects can be minimizedor eliminated entirelywhile the tree’s growth isn’t negatively affected. It all comes from a deep understanding of tree biology, diseases, and flaws, as well as an understanding of which deadwood to remove so as to maintain the look of the tree and compliment the surrounding landscape.

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A few other benefits to regular tree pruning are:

  • Regular pruning gives you a healthier tree that lives longer
  • Greater resistance to disease and pests
  • Less dead or sick limbs that can be unsightly and dangerous
  • Increased resilience to storms and high winds
  • Sunlight is able to reach the tree’s undergrowth, making it verdant and lush

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