We are all aware of the benefits of trees—how they benefit homes, individuals, and the planet. In most cases, we all want to do all that we can to keep a tree on our property. However, there does come a time when trees can actually pose a threat and, therefore, need to be removed. How do we know when this time has come? What are the warning signs?

In today’s blog, we at Pacifique Tree Care are going to answer these questions. If you notice something wrong with your tree and fear that it may be a threat to your home, do not hesitate to contact us. From tree pruning to tree and stump removal, we are Calgary’s tree service experts.


Though many trees and limbs can fall unexpectedly, even without the help of a big storm, there are often signs that predict some of these occurrences. One such example of this is when you notice that the tree is leaning. When looking for leaning, be sure to go to a spot where you can see the tree in its entirety. If you are unsure whether the lean is new or simply the way it has grown, contact a tree care provider to get their professional opinion. A lean could indicate that the tree is dead or dying.

Unhealthy Base

A tree’s roots can tell you a lot about the health of the tree. Inspect the ground around the base of the tree. If you spot any visible damage or decay, this means the structural integrity of the tree has been compromised and may need to be removed. Additional signs of this include a visible space between the tree and ground. An arborist or tree care professional can help determine if rot, insect damage, or any other harm may be present in your tree.

Cracked Trunk

Another sign that your tree might need to be removed is a cracked trunk. Though it is not always the case, cracks and cavities can indicate that the tree is not structurally sound, which would, therefore, necessitate a tree removal. Again, if you spot this sign, it’s important to contact an arborist or tree expert to thoroughly inspect the trunk and determine whether a cavity has become too large for a tree to sustain. Also, look out for any missing bark, this, too, can be a sign of a sick or infested tree.

Dead Branches

It’s important to remember that a dying branch can fall at any time. A strong storm isn’t always required to facilitate this. Though some obvious rotting or dead branches can be spotted from the ground—they are typically missing bark and have dead leaves—it is often hard to spot dead branches. For this reason, a regular canopy inspection performed by an experienced tree service provider is often the best course of action to keep your trees healthy.

If you are in the Calgary area and notice any of the above signs of tree damage, it may be time to perform a tree removal. If you are not sure, contact Pacifique Tree Care today and schedule your appointment. From tree pruning to tree removal to tree planting, our tree care experts can inspect your trees and provide all of the tree services you need to keep your trees healthy and you and your home safe.