As we mentioned in our previous blog, winter is surprisingly a great time for tree removal. Given this, it may not be all that surprising that winter is also a great time for tree pruning. In today’s blog, we at Pacifique Tree Care are going to look at some of the reasons why the cold months of winter are ideal for tree pruning and tree care.

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Why Winter?

Sure, it’s cold outside during the winter—this is especially true here in Calgary. But apart from the cold that workers must endure, the winter is the perfect time for tree care.

Trees grow in seasonal cycles. During the spring, trees experience rapid growth. In the summer, they store excess food produced by leaves and use it for internal maintenance, defense, and for the production of more leaves. When the cooler days of fall arrive, their stored up energy disperses throughout the tree, and they prepare for dormancy. In the winter, trees become dormant, which means they not only lose all of their leaves, but they go into a sort of hibernation. During this dormant time, their structure is more visible than ever; they are not threatened by insects; and valuable tree energy won’t be taken away from the tree like it would be if you pruned in the spring or summer.

Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

  • The contours and structure of the tree are easier to see without the leaves.
  • Insects that typically flock to fresh cuts are not active in the cold winter months, which decreases the risk of trees becoming infected.
  • Surrounding landscaping and trees are not as likely to be impacted or damaged because they are dormant as well.
  • Some trees, like oak, elms, and birches, should only be pruned in the fall or winter because of insect-spread diseases, like Dutch elm disease and oak wilt.
  • Tree care providers are typically less busy during the winter months.
  • The ground is often frozen, which minimizes yard damage.

Because of these benefits, we at Pacifique Tree Care are always quick to recommend winter tree services. While some tree removals cannot be put off and require immediate attention, oftentimes removals can be delayed until the winter months. This might apply to not just dead or dying trees but also healthy trees. Although removing a thriving tree is the last thing we want to do, there are some instances where it may be necessary. For example, when a tree is interfering with the health of other trees or posing a threat to buildings, utility wires, and other important assets, it may need to be removed. Always consult with professionals before taking action!

In addition to the mentioned benefits, many tree care companies also offer discounts in the winter (here at Pacifique Tree Care we are currently offering a special winter pricing of 20% off tree services!).

Notes on Pruning

  • Tree pruning, or sometimes called trimming, is now considered a vital part of overall tree health. It is recommended that trees be pruned every two to five years. This applies to trees of all ages.
  • Most trees in residential and suburban yards need pruning to maintain health and shape.
  • Pruning is an effective way of improving safety. Dead or broken branches can fall at any time. Trimming can prevent limbs from crossing and rubbing, which not only improves airflow but also keeps them from unexpectedly falling.
  • Tree topping is not only expensive, but it is also the most detrimental form of pruning—avoid tree topping!

When you hire professionals, like Pacifique Tree Care, you get the best in Calgary tree services. Our expertise and equipment allow us to perform each job exceptionally and safely. We’re able to reach tight spots, maneuver around obstacles, and drop trees with ease. Whether you need pruning, stump removal, tree removal, or virtually any other type of tree care, we’re ready to help! Check out our tree services and schedule an appointment today!