Variants of Online Roulette Games 

If for some people, roulette is unique, you should know that there are several variations of this bet casino malaysia game. So that leaves a lot more possibilities for players to have fun. However, you have to be very careful before choosing your game. You have the choice between European, American, English, Mexican and progressive roulette.

European roulette

It is the best known, the one that you find both in land casinos and on online platforms. What characterizes it is mainly its unique zero box . As a result, it considerably increases the chances of success for players. We know that the casino still has a slight advantage and for European roulette, this is only 2.7% . It is therefore strongly recommended if you want to win.

The French Roulette is almost identical, unlike the box “call bets” on the carpet. There is also a rule of putting in prison if the ball lands on zero. To try the French version, you will probably have to go to online casinos.

American roulette

Here is another variation of roulette, which appeared 150 years after European. If it allows you to vary the pleasures, it is however not recommended. Indeed, the big difference lies in the fact that there is in addition a double zero box . Suddenly, it changes the situation completely, since you have much less chance of winning . The casino advantage increases to 5.26% . Moreover, it is with the aim of replenishing the coffers that the United States created this roulette wheel. If you have an adventurous soul, then go try American Roulette at Cresus Casino.

English roulette

In English Roulette there is a single zero as well, but a few notable differences. First of all, the number of players is limited to 7 and the single odds (flush, even / odd and pass / miss) are all listed on the same side on the mat. In land-based casinos, all the players are on one side, and the dealer on the other. Then each player has their own color of chips. These all have the same value, that of the minimum bet associated with the game.

Mexican roulette

The Mexican roulette is not really known in France because it is really not attractive relative to the odds of winning. It is not a zero, nor 2 but 3 zero squares which are part of the game. Suffice to say that the advantage is clearly in favor of the casino. Unless you like to take risks, we do not recommend Mexican roulette . Moreover, it is rare to find it on online platforms.

Progressive roulette 

If you do not yet know progressive roulette or roulette royale , it is imperative that you go and test it as soon as possible. The rules are the same as for European Roulette, but it is associated with a progressive jackpot . It’s quite simple: the player’s bet is divided into 2, the one on the mat, and the one in the central pot intended for the jackpot. The more you win, the more chances you have of hitting the incredible jackpot. We can therefore become very rich in a short time. To try your luck, European Progressive Roulette at Cresus Casino is a good option.